JPD: Don’t touch that bottle

Juneau police are investigating one-pot meth labs – and warning people to notify them if they find discarded plastic bottles that appear to have something inside.

Since mid-December, police have had reports of methamphetamine labs in two different parts of Juneau, where the illegal drug was being cooked in plastic soda-type bottles, then extracted and the bottles left behind.

Various chemicals are used in manufacturing meth and the residue can make the bottles dangerous, says Lt. David Campbell.

“They’re very easily ignitable. They can burst. They could potentially spray bystanders with these chemicals,” he warns.

Campbell says a JPD officer recently found six one-pot bottles in the Lemon Creek area. He says once the meth is removed, the bottles could be discarded anywhere.

“If you see a plastic bottle that looks like it has something in it, some cloudy liquid, maybe some metal shavings, maybe some tubes coming out the top of it, those could be indicative of a used one-pot meth cook,” he says.

Campbell says don’t touch that bottle. Instead, call JPD at 586-0600.

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