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Angelina hosting Tideline

Angelina Ahrens
Angelina hosts “Tideline” on Wednesday nights 5 – 7.

She tends to play an eclectic mix of Blues, Americana, Rockabilly, Southern Gothic, Alt Country, and Swamp Rock with a serious soft spot for music out of New Orleans.

If you like Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Eilen Jewell, C.C. Adcock, Johnny Cash, Robert Johnson, Professor Longhair, Meg Mackey, Deering & Down to the Cowboy Junkies then you may enjoy the show!
Live Studio Interviews and music: She likes to bring musicians on the show who may be local or just playing locally to kick it in the studio for a little chat and to play a little music. Friend her on FaceBook to keep up with what’s coming up next on her show. You’re welcome to contact her with requests or to come on the show at one of the following:

Katie B.

Katie Bausler
Take a listen to Monday Tideline with Katie B. An eclectic mix of pop, rock, folk, country, blues, indie and alternative. New music with room for your old favorites. Fridays 5-7 p.m.

Cathy in the garden

Cathie Allen
A longterm Juneauite, since 1972, retiree from 28 years in the travel industry, 5 years with the State of AK & several years doing massage therapy. Cathy loves to do volunteer work when she’s not traveling, gardening, hiking & spending quality time in the great outdoors with friends and family. Music and creativity are healing medicine for her soul, with favorite genres being Classic Rock, World, R & B, & Folk. She regularly hosts Thursday Soundings, featuring lots of Blues from 10-Noon.

Robert Bowles

Rain Country Robert

Robert Bowles
Rain Country Robert hosts Tideline every other Monday. He is a self-described “utility DJ”. He enjoys exploring most types of music and occasionally hosts World Beat , Ambient Groove and A Little Bit of Broadway. His taste leans towards swing, texas swing, blues, folk rock and anything else danceable.

Jeff Brown

Jeff in action!

Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown, Program Director, KTOO and KRNN. One of four hosts of We Like Kids! – Sundays at 10am. Host of A Juneau Afternoon – Monday-Friday at 3 p.m., KTOO News 104.3.

Kate in the studio

Kate Burkhart
Kate hosts Ambient Groove on Saturday mornings (6-8 a.m.), Tideline Tuesdays, and the occasional Women’s Prerogative (Thursdays 7-9pm). Her shows emphasize new and unusual music across a wide range of genres. Ambient Groove includes music modern and ancient, acoustic and electronic, traditional and surprising – all collected to provide a unique morning soundtrack for early risers and folks who like to lounge under the covers. Tidelines with Kate features an eclectic mix of new and noteworthy music, emphasizing groovy bands and singer-songwriters. And when Kate hosts Women’s Prerogative, it’s girls with guitars, pop divas, and chanteuses from around the world.

Katie Chapman
Join Katie on Tuesday mornings for Cross Currents from 8 -10 a.m. Get ready for an interesting eclectic mix. From Enya to Primus with a little Bob Dylan in between, and maybe some Grateful Dead. Music is as random as her thoughts. Join her! It’s always exciting.

Amanda on the bass

Amanda Chisholm
Imported from Seattle, WA, Amanda enjoys playing her upright bass in a living room, bar, or honky tonk with her best pals right here in Juneau, AK. She is one of the hosts of the The Front-Porch-Swing. Lonesome Country, Hard Driving Bluegrass, and Red Hot Honky-Tonk Tunes for your listening pleasure every Tuesday night from 9-11 p.m.


Patricia Custard
Trish is the host of Monday Cross Currents. She explores a different theme every week through country rock, r&b, and old school soul- but with an emphasis on good old classic rock ‘n roll. It’s an eclectic experience!

Ridin’ Ricky D!

Ricky Deising
Every other Friday from 8-10 a.m. it’s “Flash Back Friday” where Ricky D. steps into the music time machine and take’s you to the 60’s & 70’s for some serious good time classic rock & roll. Along our Journey we visit the music vault to explore the greatest music of our times. He also host’s “Walking Those Blues Away” once a month where he explores old and new Blues from all around the world. Praise Life!


Antoine Doiron
Antoine is one of four hosts of We Like Kids! – Sundays at 10 a.m.

Fishing in Alaska

Susan Dyer
Songs and music written about fishing and the life on the seas. Halibut Stew- Hosted by Susan Dyer, Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Garden of Love

Jane Efshen
Jane has been hosting on KRNN for three years now. She got involved after coming in to be interviewed about a garden project and learned that the station needed some new radio volunteers. Jane is one of the hosts of Monday night’s “Garden of Love”. The show’s philosophy is love, like gardens, needs to be nurtured with care, gentleness, respect, and needs to be appreciated to grow well. Love is timeless. Each week Jane tries to communicate the aspects of love with a variety of music.

On stage at Folk Fest

Grace Elliott
Sista Grace (aka the Blues Goddess) has been an Ambassador for the Blues for two decades on Alaska Public Radio. Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side she developed an early appreciation for the Blues and its related forms. Tune in for tunes from Chi-town to Motown, Down in the Delta to the Left Coast – electric, acoustic, with props to Old School Blues and the best of what’s new every Friday night from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. on “Tideline”.


Sarah Maria Everett
Sarah Everett hosts “Crosscurrents” on KRNN every Thursday from 8am – 10am, and has a wonderful time doing so. She is an enthusiastic DJ who plays primarily World Music tastes such as African and various European styles, with always a French wink – her favorite 😉 She also plays her own selections of New Age, Folk, Contemporary, and frequently takes requests during her shows. While not hosting radio, Sarah is a scholar & interpreter of James Madison, a devoted learner of French culture & language, and a first & foremost happy follower of Jesus Christ. You can find more information about Sarah at her website.

On the standup

C Scott Fry
C Scott Fry fills the KRNN airwaves every Saturday from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. He’s been a musician since the tenth grade, playing bass guitar. He’s played in Juneau for 20+ years, and has spent the last five of them running and touring around the Midwest with a jug band named Boo Bradley, and is currently playing base with the Juneau band Devil’s Club. Scott grew up with the Rolling Stones, who he credits with taking him on a journey of many different styles of music from blues to folk to pop, and punk rock. He finally found a base with Americana music, ala John Prine, Steve Earle, and Loudon Wainright, to name just a few. You can expect to hear these guys, as well as many other Americana greats on his radio show each week.


Ms.G’s music shows gives you what you need when you want to get in that mood. Or get you out of that mood. Whether it be that soulful infusion from the Queens of the Blues, Soul or Rock and the Kings of WorldBeat Music. She spins the tunes you want to feel as well as hear. And you’ll find yourself dancing away from that crazy hard time you’re having.

John in action

John Gaguine
John is a retired lawyer who worked for the state for almost 20 years. He became an active volunteer with KTOO in 1978 and did a classic rock show for several years. He took a 15 year hiatus while raising kids, but re-engaged to host The Greatest Alphabetical Jazz Show on Earth, and then Wednesday morning “Crosscurrents”, “Soundings” on Fridays and fill-in positions as needed. John serves on the CCBI Board of Directors (CCBI is the parent organization for KRNN and the other public stations in Juneau).

Wendy on the banjo

Wendy Girven
Wendy Jo grew up listening to traditional music in rural Pennsylvania. She likes to explore roots music and Americana on her Thursday edition of the Tideline show.

Livingston Stapler Co.

Lance McVay
Lance is the host of Livingston Stapler Company. At Livingston Stapler, we do things simply yet purely. We embrace the universe of recorded music, rejecting only those bits which aren’t any good. We strive for abrupt transitions, unexpected interludes, & the kind of music your mother simply wouldn’t tolerate. It’s music. You know, for your ears. Saturdays 9-11 p.m.

Tom behind the mic

Tom Melville
Tom hosts Sunday Afternoon Opera. Every week the program features a complete work from the opera repertoire. The show covers the full range of opera from its origins in the early 1600s to the present and from all countries and languages from Italy to Russia and from America to China, and also includes related forms such as oratorio, Spanish zarzuela and operetta. From December through May, the Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts are featured. During the remainder of the year, programs come from National Public Radio’s World of Opera and from recordings.


Martha Moore
Martha Moore: Martha hosts “Women’s Prerogative” the first and fifth Thursdays of the month. This program, on the air since 1975, features women who write and perform music. “I probably tend toward folk and popular music, but my real criteria for selection is that the music has to be melodic . . . and I can usually tell that by the first two bars.” Martha also engineers for the CBJ Assembly Meeting broadcast and occasionally for “Focus on Community”. She has been a volunteer for the KTOO radio station for almost ten years. Martha is retired and likes to bike, travel and do other volunteer work.

Chuck & Peggy Morris

Chuck & Peggy Morris
Chuck and Peggy Morris host “Tideline” on Thursday nights from 5 – 7. With a taste of New Orleans and a good dose of East Tennessee, they play an eclectic mix of Bluegrass, Cajun, Zydeco, Oldies, Folk, Celtic, and Country which will touch your heart, speak to your soul, have you tapping your toes, or hurtle you back in time (with a bit of teasing and cutting up along the way). They always appreciate your calls with requests, suggestions or stories.

Saturday Sunrise

Saturday Sunrise

Rick Morrison & Andy Hall
Saturday Sunrise with Andy Hall and Rick Morrison, 8 -10 a.m. on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Saturdays of each month. Sometimes themed, often freeform, always eclectic. We play everything from breezy electronica to punchy acoustic, full bands to loners, classics to klezmer…whatever it takes to start the weekend right.


Gale Moses
Gale hosts Wednesday morning’s Soundings where she plays Jazz and Blues with an emphasis on women.


Leo Novoa
Co-host of “Ritmo Latino”, Leo Novoa will take you away from Juneau with the music he and Aida select every Tuesday night from 7 to 9 p.m. It does not matter if you know how to dance, just be sure that you are ready to move your body to the sound of Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Tango, Latin Rock and many other sounds from South and Latin America. And while you are listening to great Latin music, you can also learn and practice your Spanish while translating “the phrase of the week”. Leo and his co-host Aida promise not to be too hard and boring like the high school teacher that you did not like! So get ready, and don`t make plans between 7 and 9 p.m on Tuesday night, unless it’s to party with your friends at “Ritmo Latino”. NOS VEMOS AMIGOS.


Lise Paradis
Lise has been one of the hosts of Women’s Prerogative for six years. Every first and second Thursday of the month she plays new and old singer/songwriters from all around the globe. She became interested in hosting because she loves exploring new music and sharing it with others. When not on the radio she works as KRNN’s (and KTOO’s) Finance Director.

Mike hosting Friends and Neighbors in 2011

Mike Sakarias
Mike’s day job is Radio Operations Manager for KTOO, KRNN & KXLL. But, each Wednesday evening (7-9 PM) you can find him playing a variety of folk music as the volunteer DJ on Friends and Neighbors, on KRNN 102.7. He started out as a DJ when it was just one station, KTOO up on 4th Street (where Rainbow Foods is now). This was back in 1988. His first show was as a substitute on A Mudlark Sampler. As a sub, he filled in on a variety of music genres — Reggae, Classical, World Music, Folk and Pop/Rock — before being offered the chance to take over Wednesday Cross Currents as the permanent host, in 1992. Then, in 1997, Mike moved from Wednesday morning to Wednesday evening taking over Friends and Neighbors. Outside of radio, Mike enjoys bicycle touring, hiking, sea kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, photography, contra dancing, playing hammer dulcimer and helping put on the Alaska Folk Festival.


Lawrence Schaufler (aka DJ LTV)
Lawrence has been volunteering for KTOO/KRNN for the last eight years, and is currently the host of In The Mix, every Friday from 9-11pm, featuring the hottest club dance, trance, techno, and house music. While he enjoys nearly all types of music, the high-energy beat and melodic vocals of modern dance music is his passion. Prior to In The Mix, Lawrence filled in for a variety of genres including World Music, Bluegrass, Rap, Old Time, Rock, and just about everything in between.

Robert and dog

Robert Sewell
Robert has been hosting Take Five for 13 years. His love of jazz was initially sparked when he first heard Grover Washington & then George Benson in concert some years ago. Since then has grown to include a wide range of artists and Jazz styles. Robert is particularly interested in promotion of Juneau’s local music scene, and greatly enjoys the “club-night” feel of Take-5. Robert has a Ph.D. in behavior analysis, and his day-job is working for Alaska’s Health Planning & Systems Development. When not at the station, Robert can be found listening to live performers around town, waking in the Independent Kingdom of Douglas, or hanging out with his great teenage son, Luke.

John with Gavin

John Sivertsen
John enjoys an assortment of rock, blues, jazz, country and folk tunes. John invites you to join him for music with origins in Chicago blues, Newark rock, Memphis folk, New Orleans jazz, and even London pop. Gavin (the radio dog) intends to herd John toward the KRNN studio on Monday, at 8 am. John (the radio host) hopes to bring a smile to your face on Crosscurrents, Mondays from 8 – 10 a.m.

Working her magic

Libby Stringer
Libby used to pretend to DJ as a child, but now she does it for real. When she isn’t on the air, she’s usually listening to KRNN at home. Libby is a magician with the violin (and pretty much any other instrument she picks up). If you are ever privileged with the opportunity to see her perform, don’t miss out!

Teri Tibbett

Teri up at Eaglecrest

Teri Tibbett
Global Edge features world music that features both contemporary and traditional elements – including hip-hop, global and ethnic fusion, worldbeat, Bollywood (Hindi movie songs), Mbaqanga (South African Zulu roots music), Raï (North African socio-popular music), Kabylian (Berber popular music), Gnawa (sub-Saharan traditional-fusion), Qawwali (devotional music of the Sufi’s), and more. Hosted on alternative weeks by Teri Tibbett and Jerry Jenkins, Sunday nights from 9-11 p.m.


Bob Tkacz
Bob hosts “Jazz Beat” each week and has this to say about his show: “There’s nothing that improves my mood more reliably and quickly than listening to some jazz. There’s lots of fabulous music of all kinds, but for me nothing matches the creativity or evocative power of jazz. That’s what I try to play when I’m hosting “Jazz Beat,” whether it’s a classic combo or big band tune or the newest sound on the scene. “Jazz Beat” is also a show for people who want to listen to music, not DJs. You won’t hear a lot of chatter from me, but your requests, dedications, and suggestions are always welcome.”

In the studio

Larry West
Host of KRNN’s Sunday morning classical music program Alborada from 2003-2007, Larry West has returned to the station for three hours of classical music and performance news every Friday afternoon from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Larry’s broadcasting experience has spanned more than three decades, during which he has recorded live performances of some of the world’s best-known performers, produced and narrated their concerts for broadcast audiences, and hosted classical music programs on stations in Boston, Lincoln (NE) and Juneau.

Crediting his family for his passion for music (his father is an organist, composer and music educator and his sister is a flutist), Larry holds a B.A. in Music Education. Although he has never earned his living as a musician, he has sung with the John Oliver Chorale and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus (the only American chorus invited to participate in the 1989 International Choral Festival in Toronto), the Paul Hill Chorale and the Dayton (OH) Bach Society. His choral experiences have included many performances and several recordings with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, as well as performances with the National Symphony Orchestra, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Dayton Philharmonic. Larry has worked in Alaska since 1990 and has lived in Juneau since 2002.

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