Juneau man sentenced for petty burglaries

A sentence of three years in prison for a man who left behind blood as he burglarized a storage unit and a contractor’s office in August of last year.

Keoki W. Cunningham, 37, was sentenced in Juneau Superior Court on Wednesday for the burglaries at a painting contractor’s office in Lemon Creek and a storage unit on Glacier Highway. The blood was collected and sent to the state crime lab. It matched Cunningham’s DNA profile in a state and national data base. Total value of items stolen was about $1,000.

During Wednesday’s sentencing, Superior Court Judge Philip Pallenberg noted Cunningham’s previous convictions for theft and assault and surmised that some may have been alcohol related. He recommended placement in a substance abuse treatment program. Cunningham did not say anything when he had the chance. But both his defense attorney and the prosecutor noted Cunningham’s early willingness to take responsibility, even to the extent of trying to plead guilty when the case was initiated in a lower court.

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