Prosecution wrapping up case in Hoonah homicide trial

By October 30, 2012 June 27th, 2013 Crime & Courts

The prosecution could present its last witness as soon as Tuesday in the case against a Hoonah man accused of killing two police officers.

On Monday in Juneau Superior Court, the ex-wife of defendant John Marvin, Jr. said that she saw her former husband change after he had an earlier run-in with officers that included use of a taser. Johanna Dybdahl then went over to Marvin’s house about seven months before he shot the officers, but she said that Marvin told her to stay away.

An emergency medical technician who helped treat Officer Matthew Tokuoka and Sargent Anthony Wallace during the August 2010 shooting said that neither officer told him who shot them.

Paul Johanson, brother-in-law to widow Haley Tokuoka, testified to hearing and seeing part of the shooting incident from his nearby home. Later, he found a slug or spent bullet on the ground near the crime scene.

Also testifying on Monday was Dr. Katherine Raven, chief medical examiner who examined Tokuoka’s chest wounds and the resulting internal injuries as part of the autopsy.

The trial is expected to wrap up by Friday.

One of the fourteen members of the jury was excused for unspecified reasons on Monday.

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