Hoonah man testifies about spent bullet found at homicide scene

By October 29, 2012Crime & Courts

A Hoonah man reported finding a slug or spent bullet at the site of where an officer was killed two years ago.

Paul Johanson testified on Monday in the trial for John Marvin, Jr.

Marvin is accused of killing Officer Matthew Tokuoka and Sargent Anthony Wallace in late August 2010.

Johanson testified that he discovered a spent round sitting on the pavement during a vigil service a few days after the shooting. It was near where Tokuoka’s widow Haley was sitting in a lawnchair and near where the officers were shot. Johansen said he covertly picked up the slug.

“So, to save Haley any hurt, I picked the bullet up,” said Johanson.

“Did you try doing that without her seeing?” asked District Attorney Dave Brower.

“Yes, I did. I just kind of palmed it in my hand. I held it a little bit, and then I noticed the two State Troopers across the street. So, I kind of nonchalantly walked over so I wouldn’t raise suspicion with Haley and turned it in to them.”

Also testifying on Monday was Mike Lockabey, a reserve officer from Wrangell who was recruited to watch the Marvin house just after the shooting.

Johanna Dybdahl, ex-wife of Marvin, also testified to what appeared to be her former husband’s deteriorating condition in the months before the shooting.

The trial is expected to last at least through Friday. The prosecution is expected to rest its case on Tuesday, and then the defense presents its case.

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