Juneau Afternoon 10/25/12

By October 24, 2012A Juneau Afternoon

Gorgeous here today in Juneau!! Today on A Juneau Afternoon, Andy Kline hosts.

Mariya Lovishchuk and Kyle Rennick from the Glory Hole will update us on this year’s Holiday Basket program;

Jenny Summers, Jennette Lacy-Dunne and Andrew will highlight Saturday’s Zombie Run;

We’ll meet Taralee Ellis of Southeast Alaska Girl Scouts and Sue Perles, the new Girl Scouts of Alaska CEO;

Jane Terry and Irene Morris will feature news about Saturday’s Halloween activities at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.

And Nancy DeCherney will be here with Arts Up

That, Writers’ Almanac, music & more, today at 3 on KTOO-NEWS.

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