Accused shooter’s mental competency questioned

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for Friday morning in Juneau Superior Court in the state’s case against John Marvin, Jr. of Hoonah.

That could mean a follow-up mental examination has already occurred or will occur during the Alaska Day holiday to determine Marvin’s competency to stand trial. A two-week jury trial is scheduled to start Monday, but Marvin’s court-appointed defense attorney submitted a request on Friday for another mental examination after struggling to communicate with his own client.

During the planned the evidentiary hearing, a psychologist will likely describe his findings during a face-to-face examination of Marvin. Based on listening to tapes of recent conversations between Marvin and his attorney, the psychologist did not change his opinion: Marvin  is competent to stand trial but not willing to stand trial.

Marvin is being charged with murder and weapons misconduct charges related to the deaths of Hoonah police officers Matt Tokuoka and Tony Wallace on August 28, 2010.

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