Hiker found after signalling his rescuers

Coast Guard and State troopers report rescuing a stranded hiker south of Thane late Tuesday night.

The man apparently went out Tuesday morning on the Thane trail, but he never returned as planned.

Coast Guard search and rescue controller Vince Grochwski says Alaska State Troopers and SEADOGS participated in the search. The Coast Guard was called in to assist about 9 o’clock Tuesday night.

The hiker apparently twisted an ankle. He fired off a gun as a signal when a Coast Guard 45-foot patrol boat passed by Point Salisbury at about 9:30 pm.

The Coast Guard crew directed the ground crew to the area where the shot was fired.

Since a shoreline evacuation was not possible, Grochwski says the man was helped out by foot just after 3 o’clock on Wednesday morning.

The Coast Guard would only identify the hiker as a 47-year old man, while Troopers identified him as 46-year old Jamie Hurtt of Juneau.

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