Severed fiber network prompts system-wide delays for Alaska Airlines

By October 8, 2012Uncategorized

Repairs may be underway after a computer failure cut off Alaska Airlines’ ability to put passengers on planes. The failure caused delays at the Seattle-based airline’s entire network of 64 destinations, which also includes airports in Alaska, Mexico and Canada. The airline says the problem started about 7:30 Monday morning when a Sprint fiber optic network in the Midwest was cut and Alaska lost its connection to the Sabre ticketing system.

The airline resorted to manually checking bags and manually checking passengers against manifests.

Rena Salazar of Alaska Airlines at the Juneau International Airport said it was a “crazy” this morning, but everything appeared to be slowly coming back up during the noon hour.

Flights were as much as three-hours delayed as of late Monday morning.

Flight 61 left Juneau for Anchorage shortly before noon.

Flight 62 from Anchorage arrived in Juneau shortly before noon.

Flight 75 northbound from Seattle was inbound to Juneau with a delayed arrival.

Flights 60 and 73 left Juneau to Seattle and Anchorage, respectively, both delayed as three hours this morning.

Four flights originating in Seattle for Las Vegas, Ontario and Orange County, California were all cancelled this morning. Four flights departing those cities for Seattle were also cancelled.

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