Electronic waste collection event planned for Wednesday

By September 12, 2012Community

The CBJ’s Public Works Department will be accepting old TVs, computers, monitors, computer parts, DVD and CD players, and other electronics that Juneau residents may be reluctant to pitch into the landfill.

Solid waste coordinator Jim Penor says an electronic waste and recycling firm in Seattle will strip out the metal and other components for potential reuse.

Many computers, stereos, and televisions – for example – have components containing PCB’s and a variety of metals that are toxic if allowed to leach into the environment.

Wednesday evening’s e-waste disposal event runs from 5 until 9 o’clock at the CBJ Hazardous Waste Facility on Commercial Boulevard in Lemon Creek. Follow the signs at Anka and Jenkins to get in line for the event.

There will not be a fee for disposal. This first event is only for residents, not businesses or organizations.

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