Pot grower sentenced

Fourteen months in prison for a Juneau man initially arrested for growing marijuana in a North Douglas home, and then arrested again for accepting narcotics through the mail and growing more marijuana at his new residence.

Scott Eberhardt, 20, was sentenced in Juneau Superior Court this (Wednesday) afternoon for the December and April incidents.

In addition to the fourteen months to serve, another twenty months of his sentence was suspended. He’ll be on three years probation as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

Eberhardt will also have to enter a substance abuse treatment program and pay over 28-hundred dollars in restitution for damage and clean-up of the North Douglas home.

His addiction stemmed from legal prescriptions of oxycontin and marijuana in California for treatment of back pain after an accident.

His attorneys and Judge Louis Menendez did most of the talking during Wednesday’s sentencing hearing in Superior Court. When given an opportunity to comment, Eberhardt replied “I have nothing to say.”

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