AEL & P warns customers of telephone scam

By August 3, 2012Crime & Courts

Alaska Electric Light and Power is warning customers of a new telephone scam, where a caller posing as an AEL & P employee tries to get credit card information.

Spokeswoman Deb Ferriera says two customers called the Juneau utility this morning to report suspicious phone calls. The scammer allegedly tells the customer they forgot to sign their check, then threatens to cut off power if immediate credit card payment is not received.

Ferriera says the company never demands credit card information over the phone.

“We’re hesitant to provide information on accounts over the phone to begin with without verifying all of the information to make sure that it’s actually the customer,” she says. “And in this case, we certainly would never ask for account number information over the phone. We don’t process credit card or debit card payments within the office, we don’t process them over the phone. There’s a third party that can process that information.”

Ferriera says Juneau Police are aware of the scam. A police spokesman could not be reached for comment.

If you receive a similar call or have any concerns, Ferriera says you can call AEL & P at 780-2222.

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