Juneau Afternoon 7/31/12

Today at 3 on KTOO-FM on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts.

He’ll talk with Barb Maier, Hannah Nell, and Averi Cokeley, participants in the Perseverance Theatre – UAS Summer Theatre Arts Rendezvous program opening performances Friday;
Greg Fiske and Sally Schlichting, members of the board of the newly-founded Capital City Marketing Coop will bring us up to date on their exploration of a cooperative grocery store in Juneau;
Friends of Recycling’s Margo Knuth will announce a Thursday night meeting explaining how Juneau-ites can take themselves off the mailing lists for unwanted catalogs and phone books;
And, Kara Nelson, board member of Haven House, will update us on their quest for a 6-person shelter to house and support women coming out of prison in a faith-based environment.

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