New indictment returned in baby homicide case

New charges have been filed against a Juneau man accused of hurting a baby so severely that she died from her injuries.

David J. Paul, 23, is accused of causing the death of 4-month old Rian Orr who passed away in August 2010.

Paul was initially charged with manslaughter and two counts of murder, but a judge threw out the indictment in the case last month. Paul’s defense attorney had argued that Paul was coerced during the interviews and he wanted those statements suppressed. Since the suppressed statements were a pivotal part of the prosecution’s presentation to the grand jury, the judge in the case also dismissed the indictment. That meant that a jury trial scheduled to start July 9th could not be held as scheduled.

A grand jury met in Juneau on Friday and handed up a new indictment charging Paul with two counts of murder in the second degree and one count of manslaughter.

Tuesday in Juneau Superior Court, the judge, prosecution, and defense attorney hashed out potential new trial dates to accommodate expert witnesses who are expected to testify. The three-week trial is currently scheduled for December 3rd.

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