Three charged in last month’s arson at Adair Kennedy field

Juneau Police have charged three people in connection with last month’s arson at Adair Kennedy Field that destroyed specialized equipment for a turf replacement project.

Twenty-four-year old Dillon West, 23-year-old Ryan Martin, and 18-year-old Ashley Johnston — all Juneau residents — face criminal mischief and trespassing charges. West and Martin also are accused of furnishing alcohol to minors. Johnston has been charged with minor consuming.

Lieutenant Kris Sell says police have surveillance video of the trio at Adair Kennedy in the early morning hours of June 20th before they allegedly set fire to the equipment. Sell says they actually disabled the cameras, but the video taken before that remained intact.

“They record to a remote location,” Sell says. “So, what it means when someone destroys a video camera there is that we generally get a pretty up close and personal look at them.”

She says officers recognized one of the alleged criminals, which led to the other two. All three were interviewed by police before charges were forwarded to the District Attorney’s office. Sell declined to say if any of the suspects had confessed to the crimes.

West, Martin and Johnston are scheduled to be arraigned in Juneau District Court next Thursday (July 26th).

The arson delayed completion of the turf laying project for more than two weeks.

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