Juneau Assembly appropriates funds, awards bid for airport runway safety area project

The Juneau Assembly last night (Monday) appropriated nearly $23.5-million for runway safety area improvements at Juneau International Airport.

Most of the funding will be provided by a $17-million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration. The Alaska Department of Transportation and the city-owned airport will split the rest.

But Airport Manager Jeannie Johnson says the city’s contribution will be in the form of fill material provided to the FAA for project, which the airport already has on hand.

“The fill is the fill that came out of the bottom of the float pond, and FAA is paying us for that,” Johnson explained to the Assembly. “So, really it’s an in kind match. So, we aren’t buying any more material. The material’s already been removed from the float pond, actually, and placed. It’s just the method of how FAA has to pay us for it.”

The airport had the float pond dredged early in the runway safety area improvement project, which has been ongoing since at least 2009.

This new phase is for installation of FAA facilities.

The Assembly last night also awarded SECON a $12.3-million contract for another phase of the project. SECON will relocate the thresholds for two runways and move two taxiways. Once again, funding for the work is largely being provided by the FAA.

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