Left turns at Fred Meyer & Yandukin re-open

Left turns lanes at Yandukin Drive and the Fred Meyer access road have re-opened. The lanes were widened for better visibility of on-coming traffic.

Works crews on Friday re-opened left turn lanes off Egan Drive at Yandukin Drive and the Fred Meyer access road.

Thanks to good weather earlier this week, the project is two days ahead of schedule. State Transportation Department Project Manager Dan Noziska says crews will be back in about two weeks to paint the lines.

The area has a high accident history. Noziska expects that will be reduced now that the turn lanes are wider and more offset.

“We shifted each one about four or five feet so that basically meant you have almost full vision of each oncoming lane in each direction now,” he says.

“You’re not going to have to peak around to see if somebody’s coming in that inside lane. You’ll be in a position where you can see that inside lane.”

Noziska says the near $700-thousand project is all federally funded.

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