Rapper Pitbull could face exile on Kodiak

Internet pranksters have seized on a cross promotion between Miami rapper Pitbull and Wal-Mart, and Kodiak could get a concert out of the deal.

The world’s largest retailer is urging people to “Likes” stores on its Facebook page through the middle of this month. Whichever store finishes with the most “Likes” will get a visit from Pitbull, known to his family and friends as Armando Perez.

The prank is the brainchild of Boston Phoenix writer David Thorpe, who thought it would be a hoot to exile Pitbull to the most remote, desolate and out of the way Wal-Mart in America. Figuring that would be the one on the Rock, Thorpe started an online campaign to have the Kodiak Wal-Mart “Liked” by thousands of people.

So far, he’s succeeding — the Kodiak store has over 34,000 “Likes,” or about five times the town’s population. Other Alaska stores have about 600 “Likes.”

Upon hearing Kodiak was in the lead, Pitbull tweeted that he’s glad the store carries bear repellent.

Pitbull currently has a hit with the song “Back in Time,” from the Men In Black III movie. One of the lines goes “I’ve the globe (yeah) in the palm of my hand; wherever I spin it, that’s where I land.” Well, if the internet has anything to say about it, he may be landing in Kodiak.

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