Driver’s adjudication hearing set for September

Thomas Tyler Emerson, 21, was pulled over last Thursday morning after allegedly speeding down North Douglas Highway with two passengers in his vehicle. He also allegedly possessed and consumed alcohol.

Almost two years ago, Emerson was sentenced to serve at least a year in prison for the June 2009 death of Taylor White. That was for an accident at 37-mile Glacier Highway that also involved alcohol.

Prosecutors want to revoke Emerson’s probation and require him to serve out the remaining five-years of his suspended sentence in prison.

Last week, a judge set bail at $20,000 dollars cash with the requirement of a third-party custodian. He remains held at Lemon Creek Correctional Center.

Arguments will likely be heard Thursday afternoon to change the amount or requirements.

An adjudication hearing is scheduled for September 5th.

Local attorney Jeffrey Sauer has been hired to take Emerson’s case.

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