Juneau Afternoon 6/13/12

Pat Moore and Abigail Calkin

Pat Moore hosts. He’ll talk with Abigail Calkin, author of The Night Orion Fell, the story of Larry Hills, an Oregon fisherman who survived a horrific accident which pinned his arms in the net reel of his trawler; Michelle McCann, who edited Ed Farrell’s youth book Valley of the Grizzly about a young Northwest native boy forced into a fight for survival when the flight to a fishing vacation stranded him and his grandfather in the remote Canadian wilderness; and Lauren Brooks, from Juneau’s Association for the Education of Young Children will highlight The Evolution of Dad, a film to be shown Saturday at noon at the Goldtown theatre.

National Native News, Writer’s Almanac, Music, and more also on the show.

Abigail Calkin

The Night Orion Fell

The Night Orion Fell

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