Juneau man to serve two years in prison for firing weapon inside apartment

Ryan Hamley, 27, was sentenced in Juneau Superior Court on Thursday for the December 29th incident at the 4400 block of Delta Drive.

Three women, another man, and a 3-year old child were reportedly in the residence when it happened. The child and two of the women left the apartment before police arrived.

The Juneau Police Department’s response included the dispatch of SWAT and crisis negotiation team for a potential hostage situation. A 48-year old woman remaining in the apartment talked with officers and was able to locate the gun. Police say Hamley was intoxicated during the shooting and he was apparently asleep just before he was arrested. He was taken into custody about ten hours after the initial shooting report. The 48-year old woman and a 26-year old man both told officers that they were not being held against their will.

District Attorney Dave Brower said during Thursday’s sentencing hearing that the round went into the wall and it was lucky no one was hurt. At one point, when Brower suggested that it was a failed suicide attempt, Hamley shouted “That’s not true!”

Then, when he had a chance to make his own comments at length, Hamley lashed out at others that he said didn’t know him or what really happened. At one point, he turned to a newspaper reporter sitting in the front row of the gallery and made an obscene one-fingered hand gesture at her. That prompted an admonishment from the judge and the judicial services officers who had escorted Hamley from Lemon Creek Correctional Center.

Hamley essentially told a story of being homeless and out of work with no money or food. He said at one point: “Oh, I’m a nut. I thank the Lord everyday that he busted me. I lost my mind and paid the price for it. “ Hamley agreed his actions were not correct, positive or justifiable, but he also said it was a relief to be in Lemon Creek.

Hamley forfeits the handgun used in the shooting.

Hamley was sentenced to three years in prison with two years suspended for assault. He was also sentenced to two years with one year suspended for weapons misconduct. He’ll also be on probation for three years after he gets out of prison.

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