Assembly adopts spending plans & mill levy

It will cost $231,796,800 to run the City and Borough of Juneau in the next fiscal year.

The Assembly Monday night appropriated the funds for the FY 2013 budget, which begins July 1. The budget total includes debt service and capital projects.

City code requires it be adopted and funds appropriated by June 15. The Assembly Finance Committee – comprised of all nine Assembly members – approved the spending plan two weeks ago.

Property tax mills fund the budget. The Assembly formally established the rate last night – the same as recommended by the Finance Committee.

City manager Kim Kiefer said the operating mill rate will be 9.26, and debt service 1.29, for a total of 10.55 mills.

“This rate is the same total operating and debt service mill rates as levied in 2011,” Kiefer said.

CBJ property tax rates will stay the same: $1,055 dollars for every $100,000 of assessed property value.

The Assembly also adopted the list of capital improvement projects to be undertaken in the next fiscal year. The money will come from city sales tax and marine passenger fees. Click here for the list of projects and funding sources.

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