Teller of untruths, your trousers have combusted and your face shows the pain

“A bit of surprise in the forecast for the weekend: a slight chance of light snow expected late Sunday night as arctic air descends on Southeast. That’ll put the brakes on what appears to be the eventual arrival of summer for the Capital City.”

Of course, that’s not true. Besides the potential absurdity of such a late-May forecast for Juneau, you may have been tipped off by a slight change in cadence or inflection in my voice. Or, if you were in the studio just now, perhaps you noticed slight change in my facial expression as I read the forecast.

Recognizing such cues is what Janine Driver does. Called the human lie detector, the former agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms specialized in body language and teaching other officers how to recognize signs of deception.

Driver was in Juneau this week for the Alaska Peace Officers Association crime conference.

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And, of course, to test her out, I asked Driver to do something that she’s probably been asked many times before…


Janine Driver had presentations scheduled during the Alaska Peace Officers Association crime conference that included a Friday session for the general public.

She highlighted examples of politicians and celebrities caught lying and expanded on her explanation of verbal and visual cues.

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