Three arrested after downtown liquor smash-and-grab

Juneau police report three people were arrested in connection with an early morning burglary at a downtown liquor store.

The alarm went off before 4 o’clock Wednesday morning at Kenny’s Liquor Store. Officers say they found broken glass from the front door, but no one was seen inside.

A store employee arrived and reviewed surveillance footage which allegedly showed four people break out the glass, enter the store, and leave with several items.

A few minutes later, police say they received a tip about four people drinking alcohol at Cope Park.

Three people were arrested and charged with either criminal mischief or burglary. They include 22-year old Clifford Brown, 25-year old Derek Totemoff, and 18-year old Vivian Wright.

Police did not specify whether a fourth person was actually involved in the case or if charges would be filed against that person, but they say the investigation continues

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