Hot Spring County Courthouse. Photo by Steve Good, HSC Now! (

An Arkansas teenager accused of second-degree murder of a Juneau man has been released on $40,000 bond.

Timothy Norwood, 17, is one of three teens charged with the death of 19-year-old Kevin Thornton of Juneau. Norwood is the second teen in the case to be released to his parents, months after being arrested and held at an Arkansas juvenile correctional facility.

Bond for Richard Whybark, 18, was set at $40,000 in December and posted in February when he was released to his father. At that time, the judge indicated Norwood and Clinton Ross, 17, also would be eligible for release at some point. No notice has been given as to when Ross might be released.

The court is considering motions to transfer the case from adult to juvenile court and try each boy separately.

Thornton was visiting Malvern, Ark. in July 2011, when he was assaulted while walking with a friend down a country road. He died a week later of his injuries.

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