Fishing fatality reported by Coast Guard

A crewman is dead after a falling on-board a processing vessel on Thursday morning.

The 44-year old man, whose identity was not disclosed because his relatives had not been notified yet, apparently fell while working on board the 310-foot vessel Gordon Jensen.

The ship was located near Togiak. A herring fishery is currently underway there.

The seriously-injured man was found unconscious and his crewmates attempted CPR. They called the Coast Guard for help at about four o’clock on Thursday morning, but Petty Officer Mark Leuchte says it would be about two hours before an H-60 helicopter from Kodiak could arrive on scene. Leuchte says the Gordon Jensen’s crew told them that the injured man would probably not last that long. A flight surgeon stayed in contact with the vessel, but the injured crewman died shortly afterward.

The processor has a helicopter on-board that apparently cannot fly at night. The body will likely be transferred to Dillingham. The Coast Guard says Alaska State Troopers would be notified of the incident.

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