Bad cable part kills power at two state office buildings

Power was out at the Alaska Dept. of Labor building in Juneau this morning. Photo by Rosemarie Alexander/KTOO.

A bad cable termination is to blame for a power outage on West 8th Street in Juneau this morning (Thursday) that affected the Alaska Department of Labor and Fish and Game buildings.

Alaska Electric Light and Power Spokeswoman Deb Ferriera says repair crews had to turn off power in the area to fix the faulty part. She says they’re not sure what caused it to go bad.

“It wasn’t an animal, it wasn’t the weather. Sometimes terminations just fail. It could have been the end of its life,” says Ferriera. “But we were able to identify what it was, so we could replace it.”

Ferriera says power was out from about 9:00 to just after 11 a.m.

About 500 employees from the Labor and Fish and Game departments were given the morning off.

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