Former officer jailed after alleged shooting, standoff

A former Juneau police officer is under arrest, being held without bail at Lemon Creek Correctional Center, for allegedly shooting at other officers and prompting a standoff that lasted over four hours.

Troy Wilson, 45, allegedly became intoxicated and threatened to hurt himself Saturday night. He had a gun and, according to a statement from the department, allegedly threatened to shoot any of his former colleagues if he saw them near his house at 9200 Black Wolf Way in the Montana Creek area.

Police have not identified the woman at the house who made the original call. Police say she safely escaped to a neighbor’s home.

Police say they asked nearby residents to evacuate, or stay inside their homes if they chose not to leave.

Police responded with SWAT and a crisis negotiations team, but Wilson allegedly began firing shots at his former colleagues, as many as 75 times. A police car was hit at least half-dozen times.

It’s not clear if any of the responding officers returned fire.

Police received the call Saturday at 10:13 p.m. The incident continued until 2:49 a.m., Sunday, when Wilson surrendered.

None of the responding officers were injured.

Wilson is being charged with eight felonies. They include first degree attempted murder, second degree weapons misconduct, third degree assault involving domestic violence, third degree criminal mischief, and four counts of third degree assault involving a police officer.

Wilson was a lieutenant when he resigned from JPD in December, after more than 15 years with the force. He has been working as a probation officer for the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice.

In his years with the police department he was a school officer in the high school and elementary schools, and also worked in special investigations.

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