Shooting trial underway

Opening arguments are planned for Tuesday in the case of a Juneau man charged with firing a handgun that wounded another man in December.

Kenneth Nalan, 36, is being charged with felony assault.

Prosecutors say Nalan shot a friend, 33-year old John Duran, with a .357-caliber handgun. It happened during a get-together at Nalan’s house in the Valley just before Christmas (Dec 20). Duran required facial reconstruction surgery after he was shot.

After nearly five-hours of voir dire or questioning potential jurors on Monday, a 6-man 8-woman jury was seated. Two jurors will be randomly selected as alternates and excused just before deliberations get underway.

After the newly-seated jury had been excused for the day on Monday, Public Defender Eric Hedland suggested that he may make a case for a form of self-defense during the incident.

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