Luge sledding proposed for Eaglecrest

Doug Sanvik suggests Eaglecrest embrace luge sledding.

Eaglecrest should offer luge sledding – that’s one of a handful of suggestions made on the draft ski area master plan at Wednesday’s public comment session.

Juneau luge enthusiast Doug Sanvik told consultants and board members that some ski areas are finding luge courses to be revenue generators.

“I’m trying to generate interest in a sport that will increase the use by appealing to a wider segment of the Juneau population,” Sanvik said. “It lends itself easily to night operations, needs absolutely no infrastructure other than a packed (snow) surface, minimal training to participate in the sport, safer than terrain parks and jumps.

Sanvik cites Blue Mountain Ski Area in Pennsylvania and another area in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada where luge has become popular. He says he’s been in contact with the director of USA Luge, at Lake Placid, New York, who would help Eaglecrest get started.

He brought two entry-level red and black sleds that he uses for luge sledding, and says all that’s needed is a path free of obstacles. He recommends a run off the Porcupine lift beginners’ area, toward the tubing hill, which is no longer in use. That’s where he’s been sledding this season after Eaglecrest is closed for the day.

Sanvik asked that his luge suggestion be part of the Eaglecrest master plan, which consultants are finishing up.

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