More telephone scams hit Juneau

Another telephone scam has hit Juneau. This one for check fraud.

According to Juneau police, a man has been making calls saying he’s pursuing a $10,000 federal judgment for check fraud. He claims to be from the householder’s bank.

JPD spokeswoman Cindee Brown-Mills says one Juneau woman told police that she called her bank and was told it was fraudulent.

“He was obviously trying to get money out of her,” Brown-Mills says. “He had some really interesting information about her, some old work history and things like that.”

Police and the Alaska office of the FBI say there’s been an increase in recent weeks in the number of telephone scams in the capital city, including the so-called “Grandma Scam.”

Con artists targeting senior citizens pose as a family member who’s been in a car accident, is stranded and calling for money.

“If it sounds fishy, it probably is,” Brown-Mills says.

She says is all these cases the caller sounds believable because he has personal information about the family, often easy to find in these days of the Internet, especially on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Brown-Mills says it’s hard for local police to investigate the scams, because they often cross state and even international lines, which is why they’re referred to the FBI.

If you get such a call, never give out personal information. It’s best to just hang up.

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