USFS puts trees from Glacier Highway project off limits for now

By March 21, 2012Outdoors, Syndicated

The U.S. Forest Service is warning Juneau residents not to cut their own firewood from trees removed as part of a state project to widen Glacier Highway out the road.

“That stretch of road obviously is being worked on. So, there’s machinery, there’s state workers, there’s contractors out there, they’re all working on it. So, it’s busy,” says USFS Forestry Technician Chris Budke. “And then we’re worried about people parking in the middle of the road. Because the whole reason the state is working on it is to make it safer, and right now it’s incredibly narrow. So, if you’re pulling off in your pickup truck, which there really isn’t anyplace to pull off, you know, you’re in the road.”

The four-mile section of highway, just past the Eagle Beach State Recreation Area, is being widened from 20-feet across to 26-feet. The project will also straiten some curves and make surface and drainage improvements.

Budke says the Department of Transportation’s contractor will make cut logs available for firewood later this spring by permit.

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