Angoon fishery petition before subsistence board

A village corporation’s petition to manage a Chatham Strait fishery goes before the Federal Subsistence Board this week.

Kootznoowoo Incorporated says state-managed commercial fishing is hurting subsistence harvests near Angoon. It has petitioned the board to assert authority over waters near the west Admiralty Island community.

(Hear an in-depth report on the petition.)

Commercial and sport fishermen who use the area are closely watching what’s called an extraterritorial jurisdiction petition.

The Federal Subsistence Board meets Wednesday through Friday at Juneau’s Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall.

It will also hear presentations on Southeast sea otter issues and the Interior’s fortymile caribou harvest plan.

Also on the agenda is a proposal from the Kuskokwim Native Association requesting recognition of customary and traditional uses of moose.

The meeting will be teleconferenced. Call 1-888-455-5897 to listen. The code to testify is 3344290.


See the board’s agenda.

Read Kootznoowoo’s petition.

Read the board’s staff report on the petition.



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