New CCFR engines in service

By February 23, 2012Local Government

Capital City Fire and Rescue will christen two brand-new fire engines Thursday evening.

The Pierce fire engines can pump 1500 gallons per minute, and have controls and hose fittings that are lower and easier to reach. Each truck cost about $600,000.

Chief Rich Etheridge says they’ll hold a traditional “Wetting Down” ceremony that dates back to when firefighters used horse-drawn pumpers. The horses and engines would be washed down separately outside the station before they were put back in place to await the next fire call. Etheridge says it’s the first time for such a ceremony in Juneau.

The two new engines will replace older vehicles at the Glacier and Downtown stations.

The “Wetting Down” ceremony and blessing of the fleet starts at 6 o’clock Thursday evening at the Glacier Station.

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