Fisheries board takes up Southeast allocation issues

The Alaska Board of Fisheries addresses Southeast finfish issues starting on Friday (Feb. 24).

Members will consider 145 proposals from advisory boards, gear groups and individuals.

They range from Sitka’s sac roe herring harvest to Juneau’s Taku River king sport fishery to changes in seine boat size limits.

The meeting lasts 10 days.

Fish and Game boards director Monica Wellard says much of the first few days will be taken up by public testimony.

“They’ll be allowed that particular time frame to talk about the proposals they’re for or against. And then there’s also the written comments they can provide, put it all in writing and submit that during the meeting so their comments can be heard,” she says.

Other proposals involve sport fishing for fresh water kings, rules for reporting catches, and listing Haines’ Luta Inlet as a subsistence management area.

The board of fisheries is meeting at Ketchikan’s Ted Ferry Civic Center.

Audio will be streamed via the board’s website. The link is on our website.


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