Brewery burglary trial underway

By January 18, 2012Crime & Courts

Testimony presented at a brisk pace on Wednesday morning in the case of a Juneau man accused of using a stolen vehicle to smash open the front of a local brewery and steal beer.

Michael Rae, 54, is accused of theft, burglary, criminal mischief, and vehicle theft in connection with the April 29th incident at Alaskan Brewing Company.

Brewery employees testified to a Breeze-In box van or cube truck in the area and damage to the front of the gift shop when they arrived at work. A bumper from the truck was recovered from in front of the brewery.

A Breeze-In employee testified that she spotted the truck parked near Gruening Park later that morning and had asked if another employee had borrowed it for personal use overnight.

Two small kegs, a case, and several six-packs of beer reported stolen from the gift shop. Damage to the store front was estimated at about $4,500.

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