Juneau man arrested after firing weapon

Juneau Police say they’ve arrested a man after a single shot or several shots were fired inside a valley residence Thursday night.

Ryan Hamley, a 27-year old Juneau resident, was arrested Friday morning and charged with two counts of misconduct involving weapons and three counts of assault. Hamley is accused of being intoxicated and firing a handgun inside an apartment at the 4400 block of Delta Drive. It’s unclear how many shots were fired.

Officers first on the scene believe they saw Hamley or another man attempt to leave the apartment, but the man returned inside when he saw approaching officers.

JPD’s SWAT unit and Crisis Negotiation team were dispatched and tried entering into negotiations with the alleged gunman. Police are not calling the incident a ‘standoff.’ Instead, a release issued by the department chronicles what appears to be either no contact or sporadic conversations with someone in the apartment over the course of several hours. Officers say that at least one person inside the apartment reported that Hamley was asleep at one point during the night.

A 48-year old woman and a 26-year old man inside the apartment reported that they were never held against their will. Two 20-year old women and a three-year old child left the apartment Thursday night before officers arrived.

No injuries were reported and police say the investigation is continuing.

We’ll have more on this story as more details become available.

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