Planning Commission recommends Willoughby parking change

By July 27, 2011Transportation

Juneau’s Planning Commission last night recommended the CBJ Assembly extend the city’s downtown Parking District 1 throughout the entire Willoughby District.

The move would reduce the amount of required off-street parking in the neighborhood by 60 percent. Retail and office buildings would go from having to provide one space per 300 square feet to one space per 750 square feet.

CBJ Community Development Director Dale Pernula says the goal is for property owners in the area to consolidate parking.

“Trying to become more of a pedestrian oriented area, like the core of downtown,” said Pernula. “Rather than all the parking be on all the individual lots that it be more often than not provided by public parking lots.”

Parking District 1 currently includes the downtown core, as well as Willoughby Avenue and Whittier Street around the JAHC and Centennial Hall. If the Assembly adopts the recommendation it would encompass the rest of Willoughby all the way to Gold Creek.

Pernula expects the Assembly to hold a hearing in about two months.

The change is recommended in the city’s Willoughby District Land Use Plan.

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