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House passes bill granting thousands of acres of National Forest to Sealaska

The U.S. House passed a bill today ceding tens of thousands of acres of the Tongass National Forest to the Sealaska Native Corporation.

Celebration 2012: The region’s largest Native gathering

Celebration 2012: The region’s largest Native gatheringCelebration 2012 begins Thursday morning with the grand entrance, led by the Xudzidaa Kwáan Dancers of Angoon. More than 50 other groups from Alaska, Canada and the Lower-48 will take the stage during the Thursday-through-Saturday event, which is Southeast Alaska’s largest Native cultural gathering.

Native groups oppose expanded otter pelt sales

Several Alaska Native organizations oppose a legislative effort to increase sea otter harvests.

Celebration 2012 embraces Native art

This year’s Celebration Native cultural event will have an added focus on art.

Sealaska offers scholarship bonus

Descendents of Sealaska shareholders have until March to apply for corporate scholarships. But those submitting applications this month will receive an extra $50.

ANCSA: Assimilation or cultural survival?

Is the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act a path to assimilation or a means of cultural survival? That’s the question posed by Sealaska Heritage Institute President Rosita Worl.

Mallott says ANCSA is “unfinished business”

Mallott says ANCSA is “unfinished business”Sealaska director and former CEO Byron Mallott says the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is a work in progress.

Sealaska to distribute shareholder dividend in December

Sealaska’s board of directors has approved a dividend distribution of nearly 12-million dollars to the corporation’s more than 20-thousand shareholders.

Omnibus lands bill could include Sealaska measure

It looks like the Sealaska land-selection legislation will become part of a larger bill that could be easier to pass. At least that’s the case in the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, opponents continue lobbying against the measure.

Sealaska defaults on part of California casino land

Sealaska has lost some its California casino land to foreclosure. But the regional Native corporation says it won’t hinder the project. The hundred-million-dollar-plus hotel and casino will be built about 85 miles north of San Francisco.