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Initiative to re-establish coastal management program fails

Alaska voters have voted against a proposal to re-establish coastal management program.

Kerttula, Munoz stay busy despite no primary, general election challengers

Juneau’s legislative delegation would’ve been excused if they took it easy this summer, instead they stayed busy by reaching out to new communities in their districts, volunteering for other campaigns, and doing constituent service.

Crunch time for hotly contested Ballot Measure 2

If approved, Measure 2 would restore the Alaska Coastal Management Program -- a federally funded state agency that operated smoothly, and with little fanfare, for more than 30 years before legislators and the Parnell administration failed to reach a deal to reauthorize it in 2011.

APOC refuses expedited consideration of CZM ballot measure complaint

The Alaska Public Offices Commission has refused to consider a complaint over campaign ads against the group "Vote No on 2" on an expedited basis.

Alaska Sea Party, Vote No on 2 trade charges of campaign disclosure violations

The groups sparring over a ballot measure to restore the Alaska Coastal Management Program traded barbs today (Friday), accusing each other of campaign disclosure violations.

Alaska Sea Party charges anti-Measure 2 group with campaign disclosure violations

The group behind a ballot measure to restore Alaska's Coastal Management Program says the "Vote No on 2" TV ads feature outdated information about the campaign’s top three contributors, and don’t audibly name those donors as required by the law.

Opponents of coastal zone measure pick up advertising pace

Opponents of Ballot Measure 2 are using their sizable financial advantage to flood the airwaves. Backers of the citizen’s initiative say they’re not trying to compete with the full on media blitz, but believe their support in coastal communities will help them prevail.

Juneau residents have their say on coastal management initiative

Juneau residents have their say on coastal management initiativeA month-long series of hearings on Ballot Measure 2 wrapped up in the Capital City yesterday (Thursday).

Coastal management initiative hearings to wrap up in Juneau

Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell's office brings the Ballot Measure 2 hearings to a close at the Juneau Assembly chambers Thursday afternoon between 4 and 7 p.m.

Coastal management initiative hearing process explained

A series of ten public hearings on Ballot Measure 2 will be held around the state in July, starting next Monday in Soldotna and ending July 26th in Juneau.
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