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The Overby Family Band in the studio

In addition to life and music in Alaska, hear the Overby Family Band speak about their involvement with three different band configurations including the Overby Family Band, Spirit of the Red City, and Ode to the Roddes.

The Barfly’s guide to Folk Fest in Juneau

When the last band finishes up at Centennial at 11:00 p.m., the music is getting started at numerous bars downtown and the crowds are starting to pack in. Here’s a guide to nightlife spots here in the Capital City and the festivities that will be taking place in town this week.

Foot stomping tunes by the Gallus Brothers

The Gallus Brothers from Bellinghan, Washington are this year’s dance band and they play tonight at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center.

Folk Festival guest artist “Bonsoir, Catin”

In this audio postcard, accordion player Kristi Guillory talks about the band’s style of music, the history of the Cajun culture, and what their plans are for this year’s festival.

Jack Fontanella’s take on the Alaska Folk Festival

Folk Fest veteran Jack Fontanella shares his ideas for how festival-goers can enjoy all the events that are part of the Alaska Folk Festival.

Contra Dancing: A Folk Fest Tradition

Know what was hip in Juneau during the late eighties? It was contra dancing- and it certainly isn’t square. It makes a comeback every year at Folk Fest.

7:00      Juneau String Ensemble Aurora Strings | Juneau, Alaska | Elias Antaya, Tezah Haddock, Henry Cheng, Abby Olsen, Audrey Welling, Thomas Kappler, Hannah Elizarde, Lena Kawakami, Ryan Moritz, Dugan McNutt, Kaleah Haddock, Connie Tomlinson, Noah Machakos, McLain Sidmore, Lauren Debuse, James Cheng, Bailey Davenport, Natalie Johansen, Cameron Howard | We’re International! Back from China and ready to play you some Dance Music from around the Globe. Enjoy!
7:15      The Littlest Folksingers | Juneau Alaska | Clara Don, Electra Morley, Elin Antaya, Keegan Cross, Rob Cohen | Raised in rain, nurtured by community, and making their mamas proud
7:30      5 oclock charly | Juneau, Alaska | Brian Sullivan, and guest | 2nd world tour and cd release
7:45      Cousin Curtiss | Douglas, Alaska | Cousin Curtiss provides a high energy root-stomp-folk-soul-blues performance that will make your feet bounce and backbone slide.
8:00     Drive North | Juneau, Alaska | Tyler Gress, George Gress | Songs culled from wanderings and built from a great distance. This is American music in search of a place. Written by Joe Franklin and Tyler Gress.
8:15      Noodle of Doum | Auke Bay, Alaska | Cherri Bell, Pete Morrissette, Beth Leibowitz, Steve Winker, Bobbi Mitchell, Jean Butler, Phyllis Scott, Adrienne Scott, Delores O’Mara, Patrick Moore, and friends
8:30     Jake & Roxy | Juneau, Alaska | Guy Unzicker, Stacy La Mascus, Andrew Madsen | Like the smell of black cottonwood in the wind… so pleasant and gone too quickly!
8:45     James Pothier Burger | Juneau, Alaska
9:00    Wayne Alex and the Ol’ Timey Guitar Factory | Juneau Alaska | Some folk music
9:15      Something About Whales | Juneau, Alaska | Meaghan Crowley, Maura Baker, Hilary Zander, Michael Putnam, Meredith Kalinski, Cara Gubbins, Molly McCarville | Seven strangers transplanted from across the lower forty-eight. When not contemplating who is doing the dishes, these Jesuit Volunteers are busy harmonizing.
9:30      And Friends with Joe Emerson and John Hartle | Juneau, Alaska | Folk,Country,Old Timey
9:45      Tom Begich | Anchorage, Alaska | Anchorage-based singer/songwriter Tom Begich performs original music about life, love and the human condition.
10:00    Kray Van Kirk | Juneau, Alaska | A Medicine for Melancholy
10:15     North of the Wall | Juneau, Alaska | Joe Clark, Meaghan Crowley, Michael Putnam, Kevin Crowley | We are proud to form a rag-tag group of tinkerers and dreamers. We’ll strum our way through some original tunes unless there are covers looking for our voices
10:30    The Hot Toddies | Juneau, Alaska | Keith Fremlin, Georgia Horton, Rik Romerein | We changed our name to protect the audience.

Emcee: Grace Elliott
Stage Manager: Koren Bosworth

7:00      Floyd Dryden Strings | Juneau, Alaska | Yanni Giamakidis, Benedik Benin, Mikayla May, Mia Hines, Alex Eldemar, Kathy Tran, Phillip Esscorido, Taia Hadfiled, Sierra Larson, Star Barger, Mason Fowler, Mayah Russell, Chelsea Hohenstein, Annika Pearson, Kayla Simpson, Stephanie Balter, Meg Kurland, Michael Ceasar, Andyn Mulgrew-Truitt, Lionel Ward, Anna McDowell, Eduardo Medrano, Floyd Dryden Orchestra Students
7:15      Michael Truax | Juneau Alaska | Boldly Going Nowhere
7:30      Bandtogethere | Juneau, Alaska | Rainee Godwin, June Hall, Paul Disdier. | Appalachian inspired country music
7:45      Alan Roberts with Sande Gillette and Eric Anderson | Seattle, Washington | Sweet twin fiddles
8:00     The House Family Band | Juneau, Alaska | Tony Tengs, Michael Bucy, Gordon Sandy, Bill Glude, Ambrose, Tallulah, others | 3 more freshly baked concoctions for your delectation
8:15     Corvette Jones, Jr. and the Emerging Band | Auke Bay, Alaska | Corvette Jones Jr., Kathy Ivories, Tex Bowry, Ulyssyn B’Angle | Quartet bent on a clean folk rock . Contains electric guitar, bass, upright piano and vocals
8:30     The Geoff Kirsch Experience Experiment Project: Unplugged | Juneau, Alaska | Geoff Kirsch, Margie McWilliams, Uncle D | Classic rock re-imagined for acoustic guitar, fiddle and a 250-lb red-bearded bald man who’s going to try his best not to try his best to hit the high notes.
8:45      Third Grade Trio | Juneau, Alaska | Martha Dwyer, Mary Dwyer, Rob Cohen | Martha & Mary have wanted to perform at folk fest since their first shows at age 4!
9:00     The Quaintrelles | Juneau Alaska | Taylor Vidic, Cameron Brockett | Two lovely ladies, two lovely voices.
9:15    codyfysh joe | Juneau, Alaska | Joe Gardinier, Fysh Houck | original songs from local middle schoolers
9:30      Shelby Cook and Lynzey Culver | Juneau, Alaska | Rod Crist | A few songs (covers) sung by Lynzey and Shelby, duets, with upbeat and catchy lyrics. Accompanied by Rod our guitarist
9:45     Andrew McDonough | Juneau, Alaska | Acoustic Folk and Rock. There’s a soul hiding in every song, and it’s the musician’s job to make it seen.
10:00     Connor & Jayne Berry | Denton, Texas | We flew 3,306 miles to sing 3 songs for you.
10:15     Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer | Friday Harbor, Washington | Well-traveled, innovative songwriter duo from the San Juan Islands of Washington.
10:30      Eli Davis | Juneau, Alaska | Acoustic favorites and originals inspired by folk, indie and punk genres.

Emcee: Jim Grammel
Stage Manager: Ann Gifford

7:00      PFLAG Juneau Pride Chorus | Juneau, Alaska | Leslie Wood, Jacque Farnsworth, Becky Bear, Sue Behnert, Barbara Belknap, Marsha Buck, Andria Budbill, Suzanne Curtin, Lorie Daniels, Maria Davies, Mara Early, Jean Findley, Mary Graham, LaRae Jones, Leah LaBar, Kim Laird, Katrina Lee, Maureen Longworth, Jennifer Mannix, Marianne Mills, Bobbi Mitchell, Katie Moritz, Lise Paradis, Erika Partlow, Andy Peterson, Cara Rodgveller, Jill Sandleben, Janet Schempf, Julia Smith-Kibby, Jeanette St. George, Paula Terrel, Lauren Tibbitts, Margaret Vrolyk, Christina Wallace, Lauren Waski, Taffy Wells, Patricia Wherry, Joan Wilkerson, Rachel Zahnd | We are a chorus of mothers, daughters,lovers, and grandmothers bonded by a desire to celebrate diversity. We are sponsored by PFLAG Juneau.
7:15      Mackenzie Merrill | Juneau Alaska | Mackenzie began by busking on Front St. and occasionally performs her pop acoustic originals for the patrons of poetry slams, open mics and coffee shops.
7:30      Hopkins Family Band | Juneau, Alaska | Erik Hopkins, Henry Hopkins, Sarah Hopkins, Emma Hopkins | Irish tunes…Erik’s Choice. A winter’s worth of tunes boiled down to one set.
7:45      Mark and Scott | Newport, Oregon | C. Scott Fry, Mark Bush | Original songs, with a southern drawl
8:00     Costa’s Second Line Jamboree | Juneau, Alaska | Collette Costa, The Russian, Bobby Bangy, Jack Never Liked It, Rainbow F, The Bass Player, Clay Tit-Fer Real Good, & The Mardi Gras Brass: Doug B., Mike S., Mike B, & Jill T. And maybe some dancing girls….maybe. | We’re parading once around for our dear Uncle Ray, our sweet Aunt Alice, and all the family reserves. All are welcome.
8:15     Ed Schoenfeld and the Empty Oil Barrel Band | Douglas, Alaska  | Ed Schoenfeld, Riley Woodford, Maggie Schoenfeld, James Sullivan, Jon Pollard | Satire, parodies and other fun stuff in four-part harmony.
8:30     Densham & Anahita | Fairbanks, Alaska | Janice Densham, Sine Anahita | Murder ballads and love songs infused with sociological theory
8:45      Rado | Orofino, Idaho | Folk music from the heart. Each song has a story from life that I hope will resonate with each person that hears them.
9:00     Ken Burch | Juneau Alaska | Either what you expect, or not. Maybe.
9:15    Greyscale | Juneau, Alaska | Amy Houck, John Ingalls, John Lager | Jazz and Blues from the 20s, 30s and beyond. Featuring guitar, flute and ukulele.
9:30      Hizel and the Jay Birds | Juneau, Alaska | Giselle Stone, Matt Kern, Christina Vasquez, Nick Wagner | Come jam with this group of young Juneauites as they take the stage for another year of Folk Fest love (adding an ukulele and a Mexican tan.)
9:45     tyee dasan delsin | Juneau, Alaska | new song & maybe one with dad
10:00     Soft Old Day | Juneau, Alaska | Ian Leonard, Irene Muller | Ian & Irene: instrumentalists intent on inciting impassioned insights, incidentally impressing introspective individuals.
10:15     Keith Heller and crew | Juneau, Alaska
10:30     The River People | Craig, Alaska | Sally Burch, John Bruns, Brian Curtis, Sarah Brandy | Covering Pharis & Jason Romero, The Civil Wars, Old Crow Medicine Show, and the film Cold Mountain!

Emcee: Jane Roodenburg
Stage Manager: Terri & John Laskey

7:00      Ursa Minor | Juneau, Alaska | Ursa Minor is a new group of young string players representing students from all over our city. They range in age from 8 to 12.
7:15      John Palmes | Juneau Alaska | Folk music from Juneau, Alaska.
7:30      Dan Kirkwood | Juneau, Alaska | Dan Kirkwood, Ethan Nichols, Ryan Cortes | Space-country.
7:45      Gallus Brothers | Bellingham, Washington | Devin Champlin, Lucas Hicks | 2014 Guest Dance Band
8:00     Bonsoir, Catin | Lafayette, Louisiana | Kristi Guillory, Christine Balfa, Anya Burgess, Yvette Landry, Maegan Berard, Danny Devillier | 2014 Guest Arists
8:45      Bear Mountain Bluegrass Band | Craig, Alaska | Dean Blankenship, Patty Holley, Nan Wangerin, Nadine Blankenship, Frannie Weatherford, Dave Creighton | Tate Music recording artist, Bear Mountain Bluegrass Band, write, play and sing traditional bluegrass music. The band has been playing together several years.
9:00     The Docktones, Ace Boatbuilding and Exploring Company and Friends | Douglas, Alaska | John Shedd, Bob Shorey, Chris Frary, Dale Zeal, Bob Banghart | The Docktones have been part of the Folk Fest since the beginning. We’ve played the 10th, 20th, and 30th anniversaries & are ready to wrap it up with the 40th!
9:15    Scott Burton & Andrew Heist | Juneau, Alaska | Scott and Andrew return to the traditional songs they sang when they began playing together 10 years ago.
9:30      Bart Kohler and Rachel Sanders | Juneau, Alaska | Our last AK Folk Festival appearance! We will celebrate out last 28 years by singing some of our favorite songs.
9:45     Sean Tracey & Friends | Austin, Texas | Original American Music
10:00     David Crossman and Jane Roodenburg | Juneau, Alaska | Jane Roodenburg, David Crossman, Bob Banghart, Albert McDonnell | Friendly music for friendly folks, not sure what genre yet, but there will be one.
10:15     Mountaintop Travelers | Douglas, Alaska | Gin Anderson, Davy Anderson, Scott Williams, Jordan Snow, Sam Williams, Robin Mulvey | Traveling from Utah to join local family in Juneau and share their love of playing bluegrass music!
10:30     Ken Waldman and the Secret Visitors | Anchorage, Alaska | Sue Anehita, Bob Banghart, Ken Waldman | Alaska’s Fiddling Poet and Pals-Includes a poem for Ray Garrity
10:45     The Run O’ Mine Band | Juneau, Alaska | Joe Ruffini, Pete Raymond, Jesse Stringer, Libby Stringer | We’re nothing special, just your run-of-the-mill musicians.

Emcee: Riley Woodford
Stage Manager: RAchel & Greg Beck

7:00      Tracy Spring | Bellingham, Washington | Award-winning performing songwriter, folk/blues. Tracy and late partner TR Ritchie each won their categories in the 2013 AK ferry 50 Years songwriting contest.
7:15      Lou Nathanson & Kristen Holmes | Anchorage, Alaska | Lou Nathanson, Kristen Holmes | Yoga chants? Political rants? Modern Dance? Music of France? Take a chance!
7:30      Ode to the Rodde’s (Overby Family Band) | Sutton, Alaska | Jason Overby, Rachel Overby, Telsche Thiessen, Jason Norris | Back Porch Blues and Jug Band music from the 20′s and 30′s. Our favorite place to play is around the kitchen table!
7:45      Swing Dogs | Fairbanks, Alaska | Nancy Bayer, Charlie Hunt, Carol Indorf, Maggie Whitaker | Instrumental New Acoustic Music for discerning dogs such as Luna, Sarah Jane and Elwood. (Although Sarah does not like the accordion).
8:00     The Gitterounders | Anchorage, Alaska | Scott Norris, Jason Norris, Garry Markley, Connor McManamin | Driving bluegrass from the Norris Brothers and their great friends.
8:15     Carrie and Kim | Gustavus, Alaska | Kim Heacox, Carrie Scott | Carrie Scott from Utah and Kim Heacox from Gustavus reach back to the 1960s to belt out the blues (and other fun stuff).
8:30     Myrna Ukelele | Palmer, Alaska | Spreading the Ukulele Joy!
8:45      (just a few of) Ray’s Nieces | Juneau, Alaska | Sara Boario, Emily Garrity, Julia Garrity, Maridon Boario, Uncle John, Uncle Mike | for Ray
9:00     Bayou Glacee | Anchorage, Alaska | Eric Stice, Beverly Grogan, Bill Allen, Patti Hamre, Rhea McDonald, Celine Vaillancourt | We perform French Acadien (Cajun) music from south Louisiana, with French vocals
9:15    Sea of Heartbreak | Corbett, Oregon | Caroline Oakley, Ava Honey Bliss Whitlock | Old-timey fiddle and country duets
9:30      Sassifrass | Anchorage, Alaska | Sarah Schoen, Colleen Curley, Silas Hoffman, Lee Bolling, Morgan Hough | Tight harmonies, driving guitar, and a bass backbone. Get ready to have your sasses blown away by this vicious team of moonlight rockwolves!
9:45     Even a Blind Hog Redux | Fairbanks, Alaska | Lynn Basham, Erin Tilly | Straight-on Irish
10:00     Annie Carlson with Mike Mickelson and Friends | Cordova, Alaska | Annie Carlson, Mike Mickelson, friends | Annie: the girl from Cordova
10:15     Double Rock Band | Petersburg, Alaska | Kelsa Sperl, Koren Sperl, Kole Sperl, Erin Pfundt | 4 talented young musicians from Petersburg. Don’t miss their Singin’, strummin’ and bowin’!
10:30     High Lonesome Sound | Anchorage, Alaska | Garren Volper, Carter Bancroft, TBA, TBA | Anchorage based bluegrass and old-time band!
10:45     Scott Hursey | Petersburg, Alaska | Congrats to AFF on 40 years! Same voice, just less hair than my first FolkFest 39 years ago.
11:00     Powell Family Band | Juneau, Alaska | Pyper Powell, Justin Powell | This folk duo will delight your heart and soul. Come listen to some originals (and maybe a little Halleluiah?).
11:15      Lost Lakers | Fairbanks, Alaska | Karen Foote, Tim Foote, Eric Graves, Alex Clarke, George Gianakopoulos, Tim Easton | Original songs, not here for a long time, here for a good time.

Emcee: Collette Costa
Stage Manager: Anne Fuller

7:00      Ratfish Wranglers | Ketchikan, Alaska | Ray Troll, Shauna Lee, Dave Rubin, Russ Wodehouse, Andrew Heist, Bob Banghart, Maridon Boario | The Ratfish Wranglers are a bunch of artist-musicians hailing from the town of Ketchikan playing sub-aquatic neo-folk-garage-rock.
7:15      Todd Grebe and Cold Country | Anchorage, Alaska | Todd Grebe, Angela Oudean, Jason Norris, Conor McManamin | Presenting new material from a new Ep recently recorded in Nashville.
7:30      Red Elk | Anchorage, Alaska | Richard Gelardin, Randy Pasley, Micheal Mitchell | Bluegrass
7:45      Hot Country Kittens | Juneau, Alaska | Allison Kane, Kate Hamre, Erin Hanson, Angela Oudean | Alaskan girls singing sweet harmonies that will make you smile.
8:00     Burl Sheldon | Haines, Alaska | I really don’t have a clue right now, but it will include a guitar and a male singer.
8:15     We’re Still Here | Douglas, Alaska | Pat Henry, Bob Banghart, To be detemined | Two old boys that have played all the festivals and can still remember it.
8:30     Gone Fishin’ | Anchorage, Alaska | Kate Hamre, Peter Hamre, Mike Mickelson, Jason Norris, Forrest Gibson | Friends playing bluegrass!
8:45      Tagish and Skagway Hillbillies | Skagway, Alaska | Art Johns, Nola Lamken | Honoring, protecting, and respecting the natural environment lead both Art’s and Nola’s life’s work. Heartbreakin’ hillbilly music rings from their hearts.
9:00     Kim Beggs | Whitehorse, Yukon | Her new solo album Beauty ad Breaking is her best work yet, featuring 15 songs and an array of Canadian talent.
9:15    Shawn McCole Band | Juneau, Alaska | Shawn McCole, C Scott Fry, Joe Karson, Sam Hamrick, Chaz Burke
9:30      Marian Call | Juneau, Alaska | Juneau singer-songwriter Marian Call travels the world singing for her supper. But she prefers being at home sipping hot cocoa in Alaska.
9:45     Robin Hopper | Chugiak, Alaska | It’s been quite a year, – a Grammy nomination, my 36th year of teaching music, and a couple new songs!
10:00     The Anna Lynch Band | Anchorage, Alaska | Garren Volper, Peter Hamre | Anna Lynch is an award winning singer-songwriter in Anchorage. She received a Rasmusen Award in 2013, and released her first full length album this past fall.
10:15     Must Wear Pants | Seattle, Washington | Michael ‘Sparky’ Gray, Forrest ‘Fun Guy’ Gibson | music…..hopefully
10:30     Tim Easton | Nashville, Tennessee | Tim Easton, Megan Palmer | Songwriter, traveler, chronic misbehaver.
10:45     Hiram, Terry and Friends | Juneau, Alaska | Terry Schwarz, Hiram Henry, Friends | We are serving up some Cale salad in remembrance of a great song writer.
11:00     SheBeast and the BookEndz | Fairbanks, Alaska | Julie Rafferty, Forrest Gibson, Alex Clarke | Swingin’ tunes with a jazzy folkability.

Emcee: Ed Schoenfeld
Stage Manager: Buckley Women

7:00      Last Chance Jazz Band | Juneau, Alaska | Greg Williams, Cap Anderson, John Haywood, Georgia Horton, Beverly Haywood, David Grove, Bill Childers, Bobbi Mitchell | Traditional Dixieland Jazz
7:15      Jimmy Jameson and the Kissin’ Cousins | Juneau, Alaska | Liz Snyder, Annie Bartholomew, Taylor Vidic, Cameron Brockett, Adam Wood | The Jameson family will charm your heart with their sweet harmonies and love for American music.
7:30      Two ‘Billies | Homer, Alaska | Forrest Gibson, Scott Meyer | A sleazy succotash of slippery swamp stomp.
7:45      Pat Henry | Juneau, Alaska | Songs from Jeanie’s kitchen
8:00     Tramwreck | Gustavus, Alaska | Jamie Marks, Heidi Johnson, Bobby Jones, T.J. Lazar, Dave Kovach, Colin Osterhout, Tania Lewis | Now-timey beach grass band without borders ready to wreck it.
8:15     Land Cole | Denali Park, Alaska | Figured I’d try and keep it simple this time. I’ll give it my best shot.
8:30     Old Friends Forever Young | Anchorage & Cordova, Alaska | Belle Mickelson, Francis Mallory, Celine Vaillencourt, Patty Hamre | Songs and tunes that we’ve been playing before you were born.
8:45      Chris Thompson and Friends | Anchorage, Alaska | Chris Thompson, Rebecca Bingham, Rolfe Buzzell, Harrison Jennings, Grady Hopper | Anchorage group singing singer-songwriter songs of Alaska and the heart composed by group leader Chris Thompson.
9:00     Bonsoir, Catin | Lafayette, Louisiana | Kristi Guillory, Christine Balfa, Anya Burgess, Yvette Landry, Maegan Berard, Danny Devillier | 2014 Guest Arists

Emcee: Katie Bausler
Stage Manager: Emily Kane

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