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Study: Otters eating urchins reduces greenhouse gas

Study: Otters eating urchins reduces greenhouse gasThere’s more scientific evidence that sea otters reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Juneau Afternoon 12/17/12

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Juneau-PM-12-17-122.mp3Katie Bausler hosts.

Guests: City Manager Kim Kiefer, K.J. Metcalfe; Carol Commoli; Bruce Simonson.… more

December Radio Specials

December Radio SpecialsMonday, Dec. 31: Help us roast 2012 to a crisp with The Capitol Steps and their annual year-in-review awards ceremony called "Politics Takes a Holiday!" This year will feature all new awards. "Best Use of $3 billion Dollars to Run for President," "Worst Place in Public to Admit You Had a Binder Full of Women," "Most Prostitutes to Ever Fit into the Secret Service's Hotel," and "Worst Hair Cut Ever to Demand to See Anyone’s Birth Certificate, Much Less the President's."

Wednesday Newscast 11/2/8/12


November 2012: Brush with Greatness

Brush with Greatness

Prison innovator, activist remembered in Juneau

Alaskans are celebrating the life today (Nov. 26) of a Juneau prison innovator, death-penalty opponent and author.

Charles Campbell, 88, died last month from pancreatic … more

Students learn how to take apart an octopus

Students learn how to take apart an octopusWhat’s it look like inside an octopus? You probably don’t want to know, at least first-hand. That’s unless you’re a student dissecting one during this month’s Sitka WhaleFest

Juneau Afternoon 11/15/12

Juneau Afternoon 11/15/12Andy Kline hosts: We’ll find out about Opera to Go, Survivors of Suicide Day, National adoption Month, Friday’s Evening at Egan, Arts Up, That, Writers’ Almanac, music & more

Thank You!

Thank You!This pledge drive, all existing and new Sustaining members will get their name in the hat for a drawing for a new iPad mini.

Fall pledge drive

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