The Schwoerer family is sailing around the world educating people about climate change for ToptoTop Organization. Photo (Photo courtesy of TopToTop)

Swiss family sails around the world for climate change

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The Pachamama Band, also known to a few as the Schwoerer family singers, are all members of one Swiss family that has been living at sea for the past sixteen years. They’ve been sailing around the world in a boat called Pachamama, educating people about climate change and re-strengthening humanity’s relationship with nature.
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Motion-activated cameras set up by researchers working with the University of Washington's Alaska Salmon Program catch bears in action on Lake Aleknagik streams. (Credit: Molly Dischner/KDLG)

Photos: Researchers capture bear-salmon interactions on camera

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Water diverted from the Tanana River main channel by an ice dam in January blew away vegetation, gouged out the slough and washed away much of the bank at the foot of a ridge where Tom Gorman built his home. (Photo courtesy of Tom Gorman)

Dam on slough helps Big Delta man protect home along Tanana River

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Big Delta resident Tom Gorman said a small dam he built earlier this year to protect his home from the meandering Tanana River held steady over the past couple of weeks as the river rose to near-flood level, due to recent rains. Gorman now hopes the river falls quickly enough to allow him to finish work on the dam before snow flies.
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