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Gardentalk – Plant buying mistakes

Gardentalk – Plant buying mistakesThe plant sale will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, May 11th at the Carrs/Safeway parking lot.


GardentalkMaster Gardener Ed Buyarski gets us started on our garden, greenhouse, and lawn

Gardentalk – Veggie storage

Master Gardener Ed Buyarski tells us on how to store carrots, potatoes, and other goodies over the winter.

Gardentalk – Bulb planting

How to plan your planting, where to place the bulb food, and when you should start planting.

Gardentalk – Seed collection

This week's edition includes a primer on collection and storage over the winter.

Gardentalk – Raspberries and Porcupines

How do you dress a porcupine? Very carefully.

Gardentalk – Berry picking and pickling

Mary Buyarski's pickling recipe calls for as much garlic as you want.

Gardentalk – Fungus and composting

Cool rain and horse manure are the catalysts for this week's discussion.

Gardentalk – Garlic deadheading

Gardentalk – Garlic deadheadingEd has some tips on how to get most out of your garlic crop this year.

Gardentalk – Hot and dry

Gardentalk – Hot and dryGardeners could be facing some old problems with possible warm and dry conditions for this weekend. The return of European currant worms, dried out plants, and overheated greenhouses are just some examples.