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Gardentalk – Seeds and starts

Gardentalk – Seeds and starts

Master gardener Ed Buyarski encourages us to not bother with store-bought starts and just plant seeds.… more

Gardentalk – Planting potatoes

Gardentalk – Planting potatoesCaution: Your potato plants will probably never, ever look this nice

Gardentalk – Plant buying mistakes

Gardentalk – Plant buying mistakesThe plant sale will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, May 11th at the Carrs/Safeway parking lot.


GardentalkMaster Gardener Ed Buyarski gets us started on our garden, greenhouse, and lawn

Gardentalk – Veggie storage

Master Gardener Ed Buyarski tells us on how to store carrots, potatoes, and other goodies over the winter.

Gardentalk – Bulb planting

How to plan your planting, where to place the bulb food, and when you should start planting.

Gardentalk – Seed collection

This week's edition includes a primer on collection and storage over the winter.

Gardentalk – Raspberries and Porcupines

How do you dress a porcupine? Very carefully.

Gardentalk – Berry picking and pickling

Mary Buyarski's pickling recipe calls for as much garlic as you want.

Gardentalk – Fungus and composting

Cool rain and horse manure are the catalysts for this week's discussion.
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