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Gardentalk – Garlic

Gardentalk – GarlicTips on how to harvest, cure, and store garlic

Gardentalk – Berries

Gardentalk – BerriesHarvesting and transplanting

Gardentalk – Climbers

Gardentalk – ClimbersHow to provide support for climbing vegetables and plants

Gardentalk – Primrose division

Gardentalk – Primrose divisionTips for expanding your primrose population

Gardentalk – Deadheading and pruning

Gardentalk – Deadheading and pruningA few tips for trimming lilacs, rhododendrons, and maple trees

Gardentalk – Greenhouse maintenance and tomato pruning

Gardentalk – Greenhouse maintenance and tomato pruningThis week's Morning Edition segment focuses on ventilation and trimming

Gardentalk – Garlic and potato

Harvesting garlic scapes and hilling potatoes

Gardentalk – Pests

Combatting cabbage root maggots and imported currant worms

Gardentalk – Tree health

Preventing damage and disease for your trees

Gardentalk – Composting

Gardentalk – CompostingHorse manure is good for your compost bin, but no pet droppings