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Telling Tales 6/26/12

Conch Shell Sings… more

“Telling Tales” – 6/19/12

“Impala Cruise” by Robert Burton Robinson. We’ve all been told to beware hitchhikers, but what about the drivers? Their liable to give you something … more

“Telling Tales” 6/5/12

“The Enormous Radio” by John Cheever

The story deals with a family who purchases a new radio that allows them to listen in on … more

Telling Tales 5/29/12

Tonight’s program at 7 features poet Emily Wall reading from her book, Liveaboard.… more

Telling Tales 5/22/12

“Good Neighbors” by Sharon Mitchell.
Some neighbors should be listed in the realty information just likeall hazardous disclosure on a new house.… more

Telling Tales 5/15/12

Tune in tonight at 7pm for Telling Tales with Ms. G.  She’ll be reading from “Simon at the Shore Line” by Jonas Hurwitz, where … more

“Telling Tales” 5/8/12

“The Mermaid in the Tree” by Timothy Schaffert from the fairy tale collection “My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me”. A … more

“Telling Tales”: Beltane (Gaelic: Bealtaine), May 1st, 2012

“Telling Tales”: Beltane (Gaelic: Bealtaine), May 1st, 2012

From “Irish Folk & Fairy Tales Omnibus” by Michael Scott (hailed by the Irish Times as “The King of Fantasy in These Isles.”)… more

Telling Tales 4/24/12

“Shower of Gold” by Donald Barthelme
A sculptor in need of money agrees to go on a tv show that deals with the “absurd”, … more

Telling Tales 3/27/12

“The Blue Men” by Joy Williams

The stories of Joy Williams dissolve the lines between chaos and certainty in our daily lives. A single … more