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Telling Tales Special

Tune in for an Audio Timeline highlighting KTOO’s 40th Anniversary! If you can’t make it to your radio, you can link to the 29-minute version here:


Telling Tales 12/17/13

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/121718-TTales.mp3Tuesday’s show is hosting: Poetry Grand Slam — Poets


–Bill Merck and Nathan Bloc

They will both be reciting their own poetry and … more

Telling Tales 12/3/13


“The Girl, The Wolf, The Crone” by Kellie Wells
– Giving up your bread and therefore yourself is tricky business.


“Little Pot” by … more

Telling Tales 11/26/13

Story from Tuesday, November 26http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/112613-TTales.mp3

“A Kiss to Wake the Sleeper” by Rabih Alameddine
– Sometimes you get more than you bargained for when … more

Telling Tales Extra 11/5/13

“The Strongest Lady in the World: Miss Dorcas Lehman, Weightlifter” by Walter W. “Red” Smith
–Miss Lehman’s life when she was still in the business. … more

Telling Tales – 11/19/13

“Five Whole Fingers: by T.K. Lee
–Knowing thy neighbor is grand.… more

Telling Tales 11/5/13

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/110513-TTales.mp3Tuesday’s show:

“The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson
–how one person can place their “mark” on a community.… more

Telling Tales 10/29/13

Tuesday’s show: HAPPY H’WEEN/SAMHAIN…Spooky stories

“The Battery” by Rumor
–Careful! The Shadows can go “bump in the night”. Especially on All Hallows Night…


Telling Tales 10/15/13


Tuesday’s show is hosting: Poetry Grand Slam — Poets

“The Hitchhiker Queen” by Alan Wise
– It was somewhere between two … more

Telling Tales 10/8/13


“Petrified Man” by Eudora Welty
–Friends, gossip, human nature, all good reasons to go get your hair done.… more