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Telling Tales 10/8/13

“Petrified Man” by Eudora Welty
–Friends, gossip, human nature, all good reasons to go get your hair done.… more

Telling Tales 6/18/13


“The Princess who Kicked Butts” by Will Shetterly
–amazing what a name can do for you.


Poems for Juneteenth:
Keep … more

Telling Tales 6/11/13

Telling Tales 6/11/13

Tonight, Hank Lentfer reads from his book, A Faith of Cranes.… more

Telling Tales 5/28/13

Tuesday’s show: A Bonus! Two stories…

“The Great Bell” by Crispin Oduobuk
–Humorous parable about a king who unwisely seeks advice from his subjects on … more

Telling Tales 5/21/13

Telling Tales 5/21/13

Tonight, author Christie Loney recall her year as a caretaker for the Shrine of Shrine of St. Therese.… more

Telling Tales 5/14/13

Tonite’s show:

“The Magic Shop” by H.G. Wells
–Mr. Wells’ typical and expected story of the unexplained and the unexpected found only in a “REAL” … more

Telling Tales 5/7

Tuesday’s show:

“Loser” by Chuck Palahniuk
–A college kid on acid as a contestant on a game show.… more

Telling Tales 4/30/13

Tuesday’s show:

“Ministers of Grace” by Saki.
–An unusually religious Duke gets tired of petty party politics and replaces the members of the Houses of … more

Telling Tales 4/23

Tuesday’s show:

Earth Day always reminds me of science fiction stories and here’s a good one…

“John Sadness” by Jeffrey Thomas
–Touching sci-fi story about … more

Telling Tales 4/16

Telling Tales 4/16

Tuesday’s show:

“The Last Hoot” by Dan Morgan
–How a bunch of young soldiers were sent off to war in N’awlins, circa 1900s.… more