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Telling Tale – 4/30/14

Tuesday’s show:


“See the Other Side” by Tatyana Tolstaya

(Translated, from the Russian, by Jamey Gambrell)

–What is Heaven like, when your favorite person … more

Telling Tales 4/22/14

Tuesday’s show:


Celebrating Earth Day:

“Ancient Earth” – A Short Story by Diane L. Wood

“The Nut That Fell to Earth” by shazwellyn

 … more

Telling Tales – 4/15/14





For Tuesday’s show:
Woosh Kinaadeiyí poets Bob Merck and Mike Christensen are stopping by TellingTales to tell listeners about the upcoming … more

Telling Tales – 4/8/14

Tuesday’s show:

“The Helpweight” by Lorna Goodison

–is it passion for the past that drag us down when we’re not looking?… more

Telling Tales 4/1/14

Tuesday’s show:

“Snow White, Rose Red” by Lydia Millet

–not your average Snow White story, not even close.




Telling Tales 3/18/14

With Ms G

“Luella Miller” by Mary E Wilkins Freeman 

–Witch? Vampire? Death dealer? What does it mean to give of your life to another? … more

Telling Tales 3/11/14

Tonight’s show:

“Life Inside a Cannonball” by Corinne Kelly

– Life changes in an instant, inside a cannonball especially.


“Schrodinger’s Baby” by Charlie Fishmore

Telling Tales 2/25/14

Tuesday’s show:

“Little Abu, The Boy Who Knew Too Much” by Norma De Haarte

– “Bushmen and their knowledge of healing herbs begin their learning … more

Telling Tales 2/18/14

Tuesday’s show Celebrates Black History Month & LGBT History Month:

“Don’t Explain” by Jewelle Gomez

–Outsiderhood and the very human quest for companionship and love … more

Telling Tales – 2/4/14

“In a House of Wooden Monkeys” by Shay Youngblood

–“Hope is wishing something would happen. Faith is believing something will happen. Courage is making something … more