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Telling Tales – 11-11-14

Listen to stories that honor & celebrate Veteran’s Day:

“Covenant” by Crystal Arbogast

“No Room at the Cemetery”

–Originally published in Afro-American (Baltimore), June 4, … more

Telling Tales – 10-14-14

Tuesday night's show

Telling Tales – 10-7-14

“Creative Writing” by Etgar Keret

–To try is to understand.

“The Westernization of Mrs. Jones” by Crystal Arbogast

–Love the one you’re with and if … more

Telling Tales – 8/09/14

In Honor of National Aviation Day, MsG reads two stories:

“The Day I Sprouted Wings” by J. Herman Banning

“Flying – A Dream Come True!” … more

Telling Tales – 7/22/14

Tuesday’s show:

“The Tale of the Tangled Telegram” by Wilbur D. Nesbit

–Sometimes the world just takes over and fixes it for you. And of … more

Telling Tales – 7/15/14

“The Brother and the Bird” by Alissa Nutting

–Knowing, being vigilantly present and aware can make the difference between life and death.  Really good to … more

Telling Tales – 7/8/14

Tuesday’s show is hosting: Woosh Kinaadeiyi — Poets

“In the Valley of Humility” by Maya Angelou from “Letter to My Daughter”


“Bad Poetry” by … more

Telling Tales – 7/1/14

“I’m Here” by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya

–Be careful not to get stuck in your own memories. They can take you out of your world.


 … more

Telling Tales – 6/17/14


Tuesday’s show:

“BLESS THE BROKEN PATH” by Mildred Barya

– It’s about past, present, horror, dread, hope, love.

“I am a river shaping watercolours … more

Telling Tales — 6/3/14

Tuesday’s show:

“The Glass Bottle Trick” by Nalo Hopkinson

– one of the most original stories I’ve read about an old superstition, self-hatred/racism, love, so … more