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Mind Over Matter

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Mind-Matter-4-8-13.mp3Hosted by Dr. Elaine Schrooeder. The topic is “The American Way of Dying” live with Claire Richardson. 7 pm … more

Peace Talk – Monday 3/18

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/pt-3-18-13.mp3Monday evening on PeaceTalk, Rich Moniak will appear with a student from the YES program (which brings student to the U.S. from predominantly Muslim … more

Focus on Community – Mind Over Matter 3/11

Focus on Community – Mind Over Matter 3/11

Dr.Elaine Schroeder talks with Ben Didrikson about the impact of historical trauma on Alaskan Natives. Just what is “historical trauma”? Can the traumatic experiences of … more

Focus: Ask Dr. E 1/14/13

Focus: Ask Dr. E 1/14/13

Tonight,  Elaine Schroeder’s guest is Dr. George Brown.


Focus On Community-Ask Dr. E 10/1/12

Tonight at 7 pm on Focus on Community, Dr. Elaine Schroeder will talk about one of the most difficult topics to discuss: suicide. The … more

Focus On Community 9/24/12

Monday night’s Focus on Community will feature Dr. Heidi Connole from the University of Alaska Southeast. New to Juneau, Dr. Connole is an Associate … more

Ask Dr. E – 9/3/12

Stress Reduction Workshop… more

Focus On Community – Dr. E

Dr. Joanne Gartenberg is Elaine’s guest tonight.… more

Focus on Community-Peace Talk 5/21/12

The first half of the program will feature an interview with Bara Kassambara from the West African nation of Mali. Mr. Kassambara is the … more

Focus on Community/Dr. E

Elaine's guest is Nancy Seamount.